An athletic half elf with long curly hair, dressed for roguish activity.


Born in a fishing village in the north, Brynhildr’s family held to the old elven ways, and were thus shunned even by the local alienage elves. When out fishing one day, her parents were killed in the throes of a fierce storm. For years her and her brother survived on their own, until one year tensions between the humans and elves rose to a breaking point, and her brother was killed in a riot.

She hid in a crate among the rubble for days until she was picked up by a passing pirate ship, scavenging the destruction. After being discovered as a stowaway, her fate was in the air, until she proved herself useful. The pirates took her on, gave her a new home, and taught her about life on the sea. She eventually decided to start her own smuggling enterprise out of Willowport.


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