The story so far...

First adventure log

Previously, after a chance meeting and an encounter with disease ridden stirges, both Brynhildr and Skhizein found themselves having contracted the deadly blackfever. After being informed by the local temple that the cure for this disease had recently been stolen, they decided to descend into the city’s ancient sewer system upon hearing reports of shadowy figures taking valuables into the depths.

The two made their way through the wet darkness, discovering that the dark figures were in fact vicious greyspawn, disfigured inhuman horrors from ancient times who are known to hoard valuable treasures. After a fierce battle, the two half-elves ended the greyspawn, and among a pile of stolen treasures, found the serum that they had come seeking.
After narrowly escaping a swarm of hungry spiders, the two returned to Brynhildr’s home in the Willowport Alienage to rest.

Brynhildr headed quickly to bed, while Skhizein acquainted himself with her roomates and smuggling crew. Athenril, the reticent elf with a half finished clan tattoo, not unlike Skhizein’s own, came home to find the barbarian from the north mostly naked and wrestling with the other crewmen, the dwarves Bili and Bali. After breakfast the following morning, Brynhildr decided to return to the sewers, to restore the water to her section of the city, and Skhizein accompanied her.

After finding a paralyzed greyspawn, Brynhildr stumbled onto a magical trap that paralyzed her as well. It was up to Skhizein to defend them from an acidic grey slime that chased them into a pair of skeletons, animated by the souls of lost demons. After being badly burned, and losing a boot to the slime, Skhizein unleashed his barbarian rage upon the threats. Brynhildr came to her senses just in time to see the fearsome form of an ogir, a massive, hideous greyspawn, reaching for them through a doorway too small for it to fit through. The pair dipped their arrows in the acidic remains of the grey slime, and made short work of the fearsome creature. They found the smashed water main, and were able to repair it, restoring water to the alienage.



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